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Holidays and the sobering Truth.

Let’s face it, in the beginning of your recovery journey from your DOC It can be difficult at the holiday time. My suggestions are to surround yourself with positive people, engage in your hobbies and or just keeping up with your mental health will keep you busy enough. My best suggestion is just not to dwell. I use to dwell in my sorrows and or find any excuse to leave and destroy my life. By the Grace of the gods I finally stopped. It took 2 decades of me failing and trying again. This coming year I have made a promise To myself to continue to stay on top of my mental health and to find a career path that supports my mental health issues. The service industry has really worn me out and it’s time for me to move on. I hope to dedicate more time to Stop the Stigma or aka Families of Grace. So that’s what I am devoting my time to. Keeping busy is Great but you also need to find a balance. I tend to overwhelm myself with too much at times in my manic episodes then I fall into depression when I cannot keep up. So therefore, this 2022 year I will be doing a balancing act. If anyone is struggling with their sobriety and need to talk you can DM ME. We do not need to be public about it. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and new year. Get crafty - go for a Run - DO SOMETHING - Do not DWELL!


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